Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last year was our first year as a group to make lap size afghans for the retirement home residents.  I thought I was going to loose my mind.  I made several and Peggy made some and Kat made some and still it seemed that we were not getting any closer to our goal.  Sharon came back from up north and Dr.Cathy and Miss Pricilla came home and they turned in some and still I was so worried.  As it turned out December 17, 2011 rolled around and we had exactly enough.  I did a lot of crying that day.  Relief, but also sadness in that we were the only Christmas some of these folks would get.

This year we have taken on a slightly larger home.  We have Jody and Donna and LaTonia and several more. New friends who came in with us and who have been a gift from the Holy Mother. The blankets are coming in at a steady pace and I am feeling that we will make our goal.  I have done some and still have a few more I want to finish.

I am looking at all my yarn and all the projects on the needles and thinking I need to get busy on some promised projects of my own.

I have decided to make 2012 a year of Magical knitting.

First off are the shawls for my sisters of circle.  Then there are my robes. I bought that yarn back when I have yet to get anything done.  I love that yarn and it is a labor of love.

I look at my collection or projects and think ok you thirty or so… who gets to be pushed back? 

John’s birthday is coming.  He loves fedoras.  I saw a pattern to knit and felt one. I ought just knit one.  I just got in the virgin wool in black.  He’ll be able to use it for a while.

Then there is Dave.  He could use some really warm riding socks and a helmet liner.  His birthday is in November.

Why is falling love so hard on the knitting?

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